SER(soft error rate) and HCI(hot carrier injection) of the ADuC7023

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Is there any information about SER(soft error rate) and HCI(Hot Carrier Injection) stability of the ADuC7023 ?

Could you please provide the data ?


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    on Dec 26, 2019 7:23 PM over 1 year ago in reply to jhshin


    We don't have hot carrier injection data for this device.

    The ADuC7023 is developed on a 250nm fabrication process - the transistor sizes on this process are less susceptible to soft errors than devices on lower transistor geometry processes. This is because the critical charge level required to flip a bit or glitch a flip-flop is higher on the ADuC7023.

    For the Soft error rates:

    The Industrial standard SN29500-2:2010-09 note 2 states “For sporadic failures, a failure rate of up to 1000 FIT/Mbit can be expected”.

    The industrial standard, IEC 61508-7:2010 section A.5 gives a soft error rate in the range 700 Fit/Mbit to 1200 FIT/Mbit.

    The ADuC7023 has 64kB or Flash, 8kB of SRAM = 73726 bits.

    Using a 1200 FIT value per Mbit, this gives a FIT value of 88.47 (failures per billion hours of operation).

    A FIT value for the flip-flops and other digital logic is not included but is expected to be small.

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