ADUC7061 Internal Crystal and ARMSWD

I am trying to mass erase or download via FTDI COM cable TX and RX to the ADUC6071 via the ARMWSD.

The following appear:

1. Got connection with the cable 38400

2. Press Download button

3. Press Reset

4. Then got response "received Waiting for correct ID string

5 then nothing happens....

I have used the MCU for Years, I am only supplied power and tried to to erase so I can fault found the problem in other PCBs.

The only difference with our previous designs is that we do not have an external crystal now in this design to save space.

What are the requirements for the hardware connections when we are not using an external Crystal, I haven't connected the crystals pins to GND do I need to do that?

Prompt reply and help it is highly appreciated.


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  • I have checked supply line, on my prototype i only use power supply the RESET and Bootloader line and the TX and RX.

    There is nothing else attached.

    I am doing the sequence correct as i am doing the programming for the last 10 years.

    In older designs everything is fine in this design the MCU just doesn't communicate neither with the UART neither with the JTAG.

    So communication established alright but never replies never sends the ID the ARMWSD is waiting.

    I have pointed down to the MCU as all the 2-3 parts i got are doing the same.

    I guess what i could do is to desolder one of the OLD batch ADuC7061 and solder it on the new board and vice versa therefore if the new MCU batch works with the EXT crystal that should give me the answer.

    I just do not understand if i give power to the Digital line and connect the relevant pins why not reply back?

    Has anyone seen this before?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 20, 2019 7:30 AM over 1 year ago in reply to K.T.Eng

    Are the ADuC7061 in your hands new parts?

    I suppose you have provided the power supply of 2.5V on DVDD pin and AVDD pin. Could you please test the BM pin voltage to check if the pin level is high after power on? Also check the reset pin to make sure it's high level after power on.

  • I will check the BM and the RESET if they are high after Power ON, although checking them couple of nights before this was correct, so the MCU seems to be resetting but I will also check again and come back with findings.

    I haven't powered AVDD pin yet because i wanted to identify if the Digital side was working, does the chip needs the AVDD for running the digital side RX TX and RESET etc...?

    All GNDs are connected though. 

  • I have Checked everything basically all connected together but this time the hardware team decided to save money and space by introducing a voltage divider for the 2.5 Volts which it was not stable when the reset button was pressed neither was the BL line. We have corrected this by introducing a zener divider which hold the power stable at 2.5 VDC digital.

    In the production version we have decided to go back to the original design and have a low current dedicated 2.5 VDC digital power supply for this line saves the misery.

    Thanks for the suggestion really helped.

    The UART coms and programming running perfect with the internal crystal.