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ADuC812: Power down mode and choice of C compilers

Please explain the Power down mode and choice of C compilers of the ADuC812


- ADuC812 Power down mode
When the ADuC is in power down mode everything is irretrievbly turned off and
the only way to resume operation is to reset the part, either by applying a
high pulse to the reset line or by power cycling the part. The part cannot
respond to interrupts or anything else in power down mode.

If you wish to reduce the power but still be able to wake up on an interrupt
then you should use idle mode. The part will come out of idle mode on an
enabled interrupt as described in Figure 18 on page 19.

- C programming
The ADuC812.h and files should be included at the top of your c
code. More information on c coding for the microconverter is given at in
application note uC002 which is available at
and should also be available on the CD ROM that was included with your
development kit.