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ADuC812: On Chip temperature sensor

I am doing development with the ADuC812.
Where can I find more detail information about the
In the moment I have the "Preliminary Technical Data Sheet" - date of
Mar./99. In that
paper I can only find  a small item on page -12- about that.


You should refer to the REV.0 datasheet for the ADuC812 which is available on
our website:

The temperature sensor is inherently very linear (to about +/-2deg) but it is
not trimmed for absolute accuracy. We do not test the accuracy of the temp
sensor and therefore do not provide guaranteed specs. Typically the output of
the temp sensor is 650mV at room temperature with a tempco of -3.5mV/degC. To
make accurate absolute temperature measurements, you need to perform a two
point calibration and store the offset and gain co-efficients. Many designers
are using the temp sensor to determine when the ambient temperature has changed
"significantly" and using this to compensate a sensor for temperature drift.