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ADuC812: Flash reliability

One customer is asking about the flash spec of the ADuC812. The datasheets
tells, that the data in the flash will remain for 10 years, but this spec is
for 5V supply!

What about this spec under 3.3V operation? Also 10 years?


We did not have the available 3V data for Flash/EE characteristics when we
released the ADuC812 and therefore we only included 5V maximum specifications
on the datasheet and typical specification for endurance at 3V supplies.

I should also draw your attention to the fact that we do have an errata on 3V
programming which is included in our current errata sheet, errata #7. This
means that some small percentage of devices may fail to program correctly
(~1%), I should also add however that once the devices do program at 3V they
are guaranteed as per our reliability specifications.

Recently, we have been produced a new mask set for this part, we were limited
in the modifications we could make as the 'new' mask only modified the metal
layer. However even with this limited edit we now have a new revision of the
ADuC812 which will program down to 2.7V from 0ºC to +85ºC, the programming
errata will remain for temperatures below 0ºC.

At this time, the new revision of silicon is under going comprehensive
qualification of the FLASH memory for retention and endurance. This new
material should come on line through the Summer timeframe.

With respect to 3V reliability, this silicon is now also qualified for 3V
operation and the 5V specifications for retention and endurance also now apply
to 3V operation. Finally I should also draw your attention to the fact that our
more recent MicroConverter releases ADuC816 and ADuC824 have improved
reliability specifications 100K endurance and 100 year retention, these parts
run on the same Flash process as the ADuC812 and therefore we will be in a
position to step up to these revised figures once the ADuC812 completes a
further internal qualification cycle.