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ADuC812: Dealing with the interface I2C

I am searching for an application note, dealing with the interface I2C
between the flash of the microconverter and a host processor.
The point is to write and access data into the internal fash of the Aduc.
Is this possible, are there reserved block of memory?


There's no specific app note on this topic. There is of course the tech note
(uC001) on using the I2C interface available from:

There is no direct connection between the I2C interface and the data flash on
the ADuC812. You'll need to write a program which receives data from the I2C
interface and writes it into the data flash.

Note, the ADuC812 offers an hardware I2C slave mode and software master mode.
The interface is only I2C compatible , it is not a full I2C implementation. It
cannot support multi master and repeat start conditions for example.

The datasheet explains how to write the flash and there's also some example
code for writing to the flash in the sample code.