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ADuC831: FAQs

1. What's the maximum sampling rate of ADuC831? The uC019 specifies 200KHz;

2. In DMA mode, the enclosed code example of external triggered conversions
configured the CK1 CK0 and AQ1 AQ0 of ADCCON1, why? For this mode's sampling
rate should depend on external signal's frequency (or I misunderstand the
datasheet, the sampling rate still depend on the configuration of CK1 CK0 and
AQ1 AQ0?).


1. The max sampling rate is 247ksps. While this is the max sampling rate at
which the ADC is guaranteed it can run faster. The same ADC is used on the
ADuC842 and is specified up to 420ksps on that.
2. In DMA the external PIN just controls when the conversion will occur. The
speed at which the conversion takes place is controlled by the CK1 CK0 and AQ1
AQ0 bits.