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Is there a development system for ADUC836, none is listed on order guide?

I have found on your website the Quick Starts Kits for ADuC800 series, but in
the purchase list ADUC836 is not there. Can you suggest which type of kit I can


There was never a development system for ADUC836. Instead we recommend you use
the development system for ADuC834.

ADuC834 v ADuC836:

834 has 2 ADCs, 24 bit ADC and 16 bit ADC
836 has 2 ADCs, both 16 bit

There is a note on the ADuC834 development system web page: 

Development system for evaluation of the ADuC834, 24-Bit ADC + 16-Bit ADC +
12-Bit DAC + 62K-Byte Flash MCU. This development system is also recommanded
for evaluation of ADuC836, Dual 16-Bit ADC + 12-Bit DAC + 62K-Byte Flash MCU.