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Using the ADUC845 Quick Start Development kit for ADUC847 and ADUC848?

If I purchase the QuickStart development kit for the ADuC845, could I also use
it also to develop for the ADuC847(which is a subset of the 845)? Would their
be any limitations in doing this?


Yes, you can use the ADuC845 QS kit to develop for the ADuC847, or for that
matter for the ADuC848. The only thing you must take account of is the
difference in the ADC specifications. Otherwise everything else is identical.
The ADuC845 incorporates two 24-bit ADCs (Primary and Auxiliary) whereas the
ADuC847 only has a single 24-bit ADC (Primary) and the ADuC848 has a single
16-bit ADC (Primary). Neither the ADuC847 nor the ADuC848 allow the use of the
temperature sensor due to the missing Auxiliary ADC.