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Recommended programming socket for ADuC847

We are using more than 10 000 pcs/year ADuC847 56-Lead LFCSP. For our service
center we need to have pre-programmed processors, and currently our service
engineers have to solder them. Could you recommend a test/programming socket,
where we can easily place the processor to be downloaded without any need of
soldering it to the PCB? This will avoid soldering the processor on the main
PCB and then unsoldering it and then send it to the service specialists.


I checked with our Product Line and the sockets we use for ADuC8xx 56CSP are
from Plastronics  Nr 56QN50T18080-G but they are not very reliable and we would
not recommend them as a programming socket.

I found a similar QFN socket (our LFCSP is equivalent to QFN) that we also use
on our accelerometer satellite boards and the price is $115
( Please see "03734-571-6218A.png".

The following adapter board with also ClamShell type socket costs $280 and made
specially for ADuC8xx :
(see "70-1002.png")

Another option would be Yamaichi who delivers good quality sockets in Europe :

E.g. the corresponding clamshell type socket would be IC550-0564-010-G (see
"IC550-0564-010-G.png"). You can also download their catalogue in PDF.