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ADuC847: Using aspire in debug run mode

I am using the QuickStart kit for downloading and debugging. In debug step by
step mode the Aspire 1.06 software tool works fine.
However when goes in run mode and then I  press the Stop/Pause buttons the
Aspire warns with the message "Failed to receive command reply from target
device {1}".


In debug mode there is no way of stopping the core from free running via the
debug interface (ASPIRE). The reason for this is that when the RUN button is
pressed the part exits debug mode and starts running in normal mode. In this
mode since the debug mode has been exited the standard STOP command will have
no effect and so since ASPIRE does not get the required return string from the
part it responds with the warning/error message. The only way of stopping (or
uploading register contents) when in debug run mode is to have set a breakpoint
prior to entering run mode.
Similarly, when in run mode (via debug) there is no way of setting breakpoints.
All break points must be set prior to entering run mode.