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Aduc848: Verify in hardware that program has been succesfully load into chip

My question is after I have program the aduc848 chip, how can I verify whether
the program is successfully loaded into the chip? Is there any pin on the
aduc848 will show indication (may be the pin will go high or low, after
successfully program the chip)?


Firstly, the device is put into Kernel mode if PSEN is low at the time the
RESET signal is released. If the part goes into  kerne mode successfully, PSEN
is ignored from that point onwards.

If you are using the DOS downloader to download code to the device, there will
be a confirmation of the success or otherwise of the download operation which
is shown on the screen.

I don't know of a reliable hardware method to detect whether the transfer is
successful. You can always supervise the activity on the UART - when it stops
then the transfer is complete.

However there is some error checking etc that goes on as part of the serial
download protocol, and this is what the command line debugger looks for, before
asserting that the download was successful. After each datapacket sent by the
PC to the ADuC848, the ADuC848 should respond with an ACK code <06h> or the
NACK code <07h> if there is some problem (incorrect checksum, internal failure
to carry out the requested instruction). See the attached description of the
serial download protocol for details. If your tester is smart enough to detect
these ACK or NACK signals then this would allow you to determine not only if
the download is complete but also if there were any errors during the download