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How to make the ADuC847 enter in the serial download mode progamatically?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADuC847

Hi there, i'm trying to make an application where i can update my board directly from and HMI. Until this day i'm able to do so, but i need to press a reset button and another button regarding the PSEN, as it's the default method to make the processor start in the serial download mode. 

My question is: is there anything i can do to make the processor get into the serial download mode only via software? 

For example: if i put a jmp assembly instruction? 


  • Hi Henrique,

    There's no way to put the ADuC847 or other ADuCxxx into serial download mode through SW. Jump instruction will also not work here. 

    However, depending on your code size, it might be possible for you to create a custom bootloader. We have not tried this in ADuC847, but we have an example from ADuCM355. It might be worth exploring.