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ADUC841 Serial Downloader (WSD) error code 4

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUC841 - cannot connect to target device
Software Version: WSD 7.0.5

Trying to connect to ADUC841 using UART serial port and WSD cannot communicate with the target device:

'Status: Failed to connect to the ADuC8xx after 2 attempts'.

Baud Rate and Port show up as ok. PSEN is pulled low via a 1K resistor on power cycle. 

I am using a USB2.0 to RS232 cable. Strange.

What is meant by the following (from ADUC841 datasheet):  'Once in serial download mode, the user can download code to the full 62 kBytes of Flash/EE program memory while the device is in-circuit in its target application hardware.'

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    The error could be caused by the device not being in serial download mode when attempting to use the WSD.

    Have you initiated the sequence to enter serial download mode? The image below is a guide for the evaluation board to enter the serial download mode of the device.

    I have also attached the user guide for the evaluation board for additional reference.




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