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ADUC841 Serial Downloader (WSD) error code 4

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUC841 - cannot connect to target device
Software Version: WSD 7.0.5

Trying to connect to ADUC841 using UART serial port and WSD cannot communicate with the target device:

'Status: Failed to connect to the ADuC8xx after 2 attempts'.

Baud Rate and Port show up as ok. PSEN is pulled low via a 1K resistor on power cycle. 

I am using a USB2.0 to RS232 cable. Strange.

What is meant by the following (from ADUC841 datasheet):  'Once in serial download mode, the user can download code to the full 62 kBytes of Flash/EE program memory while the device is in-circuit in its target application hardware.'

Help would be greatly appreciated.