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Selection of a Microcontroller for filtering harmonic signals


Are there microcontrollers capable of filtering harmonic signals on 8/16 channels with a sampling rate of 100 kHz for each channel? Please tell me the existing solutions from AD?

Also interested in controllers capable of forming an image on displays with a diagonal of 7 "(usually resolution from 800x480). Does AD have this?

Thanks for your options



  • Hi Vitaliy,

    For filtering harmonic signals, you can try implementing a bandpass filter before the ADC inputs. We have microcontrollers that can meet the required number of channels.

    If you want to filter the signals digitally, you may need a faster microcontroller such as a cortex-M4.

    Do you have a particular LCD driver or model that you are planning to use? Are you looking for a microcontroller with an included LCD driver?