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Setting UART speed for ADI monitor in Keil uVision3

The settings of ADI monitor in Keil uVision3 seem to only allow to select the COM port, but not the COM port speed.  I tried to change the XTAL speed field in the ADI monitor settings and I tried to change the COM port speed in the Windows device manager, but both without effect on the ADI monitor UART speed. 

Is the communication speed of ADI monitor in Keil uVision3 set in stone to 9600 or is there a way to change that ?

  • Hi,

    You can change the port speed in the device manager. Select the COM port>properties>Port settings tab.


  • You mean the Windows device manager ?  Or something inside uVision ?  As mentioned in my inititial question, I tried changing the port speed in the Windows device manager but uVision doesn't seem to use that setting. uVision seems stuck on 9600.

    By the way, I tried the same board with that higher port speed with WSD and it works.  Cause WSD seems to set the desired port speed directly. But I dont know what uVision does or if there is a config file for ADI monitor in uVision that allows more configuration than the  ADI monitor tab.  Unfortunately the ADI monitor tab in uVision only let's you set the port number but not the speed.

  • I was talking about the Windows device manager. I didn't notice you had already tried it.

    Are you setting the UART speed to monitor the UART of the device or for debugging in Keil?

  • I'm actually trying to use a slightly higher UART speed to flash the ADuC841 with a non-standart clock of 14.4 kbaud.  As I said, it perfectly works fine with WSD and also hyperterm => to me it seems it's a uVision thing forcing 9600 when flashing ADuC8xx

    The uVision flash tools setting and the uVision ADI monitor settings only have the COM port number selectable, not the speed.  Setting the UART speed in Windows and/or modifying the XTAL setting in  uVision ADI monitor doesnt seem to work.  It seems uVision wants 9600 baud to flash the ADuC841.  I hope there is a settings/ini file somewhere that got the parameters uVision is using by target chip, basically as WSD does it.

  • Hi,

    I checked an older version of Keil uVision3 V3. In the older version of the ADI monitor driver, you can change the UART port speed.

    I attached the .dll file of the older version. You can replace the "MonADI.dll" in the Keil directory in C51/BIN.

    Make sure to back up the existing "MonADI.dll" in your current directory.

    You can try the older version of the "MonADI.dll" if changing the port speed works. We haven't tested the older version of the "MonADI.dll" at different port speeds. We cannot guarantee it will work.

    • He he , this works , THANK YOU SO MUCH !!  I had uVision3 v3.60, from which version was your DLL exactly ?  From v3.00 ??
  • Glad it works!! The version is 3.53.

  • Funny, both "MonADI.dll" have exactly the same size. Therefore I guess the speed change is still in v3.60 but just disabled