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8051 core Free RTOS

Hi there everyone, 

For those who might be interested, i made an free opensource RTOS for the 8051 family of processors (ADuC84x included). I used the free SDCC compiler in order to compile the source codes, which is a great free tool for those who can't afford Keil IDE. The RTOS contains the following features: 

1 - Full preemptive round robin schedule based on time slicing; 

2 - Synchronism tools such as mutexes and semaphores; 

3 - Low memory and code footprints. 

It's still in it's first release and a lot of work can be done on the kernel in terms of features code otimizations, but still it's a great tool for those who need some RTOS and can't pay for the comercial solutions. 

The source codes are available on my github repository, link bellow.

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