ADuC841 Flash/EE issue questions

Hello. I have a few questions about the Flash/EE on the ADuC841.

1) I currently have the Rev 0 Anomaly sheet for Silicon Rev. F. Is there
a more recent anomaly sheet for that silicon revision?

2) Regarding Interrupts During Reading/Writing to Data FLASH/EE [er007]:
*Would this issue present itself during an erase operation, or is it
only a read or a write?
*How does this issue present? Does the read or write complete
successfully and then code execution resumes at a random point, is the
read/write operation corrupted, or is it unknown.
*Roughly how often is "code execution ... may resume at a random program
memory address"? Does this problem have a low rate of incidence or does
it happen more regularly?

3) Page 35 of the ADuC841 data sheet gives typical program and erase
times for the flash/EE data memory in normal mode. Do you have worst
case numbers for the page operations? (Read/Write/Verify/Erase).

We are experiencing an error with data stored in flash memory that is
difficult to reproduce. Our most likely culprit at the moment is the
[er007] issue, so we would appreciate any additional information about it.