ADuC847 USB interface

I am a product designer at a company. For a new product we are using ADuC847 Evaluation Board. The board works mostly as a Data Acquisition Device. Unfortunately the newer computers or laptops does not have a Serial Port as required by this particular Board.

I believe that AD has a board USB-EA-CONVZ for this purpose. I have also tried an external Rs232/USB converter but its not very reliable

I have the following Questions.

1. Is there any Acquisition speed advantage connecting this Board through USB

2. Can I used the inputs/outputs for both the boards

3. Since the cost is high at 75$ ( cost of the ADuC847 Eval Kit itself), is there be a cheaper optionavailable  to equip ADuC847 with a USB.

4. Do i have to modify my firmware to use the second board.

I am sure these are very beginner questions but i hope to get a positive reply.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 13, 2011 3:22 PM over 9 years ago

    The ADuC847 will communicate at the speed of the UART, adding USB will not speed anything up and the overhead sending many small packets of data over USB will actually slow the throughput down!

    The USB-EA-CONVZ is for debugging through the EA pin, rather than the specific purpose of providing a USB to serial convertor. It can achieve what you are looking for, but at unnecessary expense if you do not plan to use that EA pin functionality. I think as well that it operates at a specific fixed baud rate so not particular useful for what you want to do.

    Best option for you is to google “USB to TTL Serial Cable”, that is what you are looking for and is a cheaper option!