problem loading ADA4350 model

I am trying to do a simulation in ADIsimPE with ADA4350 and am having some problems. 

What I have done:

1. Download ADA4350.cir  

2. Drag it into the ADIsimPE welcome window to open "install or edit model" and select install. It

shows up as 3 parts Main, TIA, Trigger. ?(do I need to do anything with the TIA, Trigger)?

3. Main looks like the part I want so I generated a symbol for it and save it. 

4. Put it in a schematic and hook it up like the datasheet page 31.

5. Set up a current source,  Transient analysis, and a voltage probe on the output.

6. Run SIM. 

7. Get no errors and status Complete but no results either. 

If I right click on the symbol and select edit model it has the model there.

Any idea what I am missing? What info can I send to be more helpful?  


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