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Can't you make a comparator with ad8009?

It made a comparator with ad8009 element. Configured as follows




The signal fell to negative and held the reference to negative volts.

We would like to :

Signal information.

Amplitude : 0V~-3V

Rising frequency : 50Mhz

We use ad8009 as a delay in addition to a comparator. (In the entire circuit)

However, many offsets occur. (over 3.8V / I judge that the amp is over stress)

We decided it was because we were using a lot of amp. So we've only tried one channel.

And the logic coming down is too long.(Falling time about 10ms )

We are planning to use a low current supply of ad8011 instead of ad8009.

Here's the question. Using a lot of amp to supply a lot of current can lead to a lot of offset to the output? I wonder why. All the voltage is parallel.

The second question. Can we solve the problem of noise or falling time by replacing ad8009 with ad8011? This question is linked to a SiPM . question that I have previously done. 

Or, if you can't use the above amplifier as a comparator, can you recommend it? We can not use the comparator IC because the system above is already made of PCB.