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ADA4899 IC ground circuit connections

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADA4899-1

Dear Sir:

I recently purchased the ADA4899-1 op amp.    I have provided a link to the data sheet for your convenience.

ADA4899-1.pdf (

If you look on the data sheet at the "package" type diagrams you will see this note that says:


Underneath the AD4899-1 IC is a metallic pad for those who do not own the IC.

I have read in other literature that this ground connection is called a "ground paddle"  (please correct me if I am mistaken).

I need to know how to connect this "ground paddle" point in both single and dual power supply operation.  If you can lease provide a schematic for the single power supply configuration.

Further, this ground point adds complexity to the typical SOIC 8 "footprint".   I need to download the "footprint" of this part and import it into my layout program.

Is there a generic footprint filename extension common to all, or most, layout programs, that I can download from ADI?

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