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Need Clarification about the output

Category: Hardware
Product Number: OP275

Hi Team,

As we have used OP275GSZ in our audio output of AD1937 audio codec design, we need to know that the output will be able to 

interface with voltage of ± 15V and  Load Impedance of 600 Ohms. is it ok to use the OP275GSZ OP AMP.

Kindly help us in this Regard.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    Feb 29, 2024 in reply to PaulCA +1 verified

    Hello ,

    Sorry for the delayed response. AD1937 has a full-scale output voltage of 4.96 Vpp (typical) as shown below, and this voltage will be fed on OP275's input. Since at Vs = +/- 15V, OP275 can…

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