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Input Voltage of Opamp exceeding Opamp Voltage Rails

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC2055H

I am using Opamp LTC2055H powered with +5V & -4V rails in Voltage follower configuration.

      • In normal operation Precision Sensing, the input respects the common mode input range
      • But in fault condition, the input to opamp becomes +6V or -6V (current-limited to 6uA)   
    • Query - Is there any detrimental effect on the Opamp’s Normal Operation performance if the above-mentioned fault condition occurs frequently ? This is critical since the normal operation application is Precision Sensing application.
  • Hi  ,

    The LTC2055H inputs are limited to (Vs+ + 0.3V) to (Vs –  – 0.3V) and you are exceeding the positive and negative supply rails by 1V and 2V respectively. The 6uA input current does not seem to cause damage to the inputs and exceeding the input common mode voltage of the LTC2055H will not cause output phase inversion but we would still recommend to follow the absolute maximum rating. Continually overstressing the inputs can cause a change in parameters, such as bias current and offset voltage.