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ADA4700-1 Single Supply

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADA4700-1

Dear Experts!

Can I use ADA4700-1 with an unbalanced supply: +55V/GND? If yes, what should I take care of with this opamp?

I basically have a DC input voltage from 0 to 5V and I want to amplify it up to 45 to 55V, no AC signal is expected.

Thanks and regards,

Andras Magyar

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  • Hi Andras, 

    Based on the given requirements, specifically the input and output, I think LTC2057 is a better fit because the input and output headroom is much closer to the supply. The LTC2057 output voltage swing is typically 0.2mV away from the voltage rail if there's no load, while ADA4099 is typically 45mV. 

    But are there any other critical requirements in your application like the short circuit requirement? 



  • Hi Mae,

    Right! Plus, LTC2057HV has maximum of +60V supply so that is another important point.

    Actually we do not want to load the output of the amplifier more than 1-2mA for sure.

    Also we will adjust the gain to account for this headroom so for this amount of current we will not have any problem.

    I think we are fine with this! Thank you for your assistance and have a great day Slight smile