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LTC 2065 is not working between 2 V - 4 V power supply

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC 2065

I'm having a problem with the LTC2065 operational amplifier design. I use a 3.3V supply as I show in the picture, and after boosting my input signal I make it oscillate at 1.8V using a 1.8V virtual ground.
Everything is normal until the low pass filter (U4) output. I see the signal I give from the input at the output with as much gain as I expected, and I use the same opamp in the high pass filter (U2), but here I get the wrong output signal. The strange thing is that when I give my supply signal a voltage of 4 V or above, my system works without any problems.
Below I give my circuit and signal outputs. How can I find a solution for my design, what am I missing?


Low pass output with 3.3 V supply (V2)

High pass output with 3.3 supply  (V2)

Low pass output with 5 V supply (V2)

High pass output with 5V supply  (V2)

Wrong picture
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    Hi  ,

    Good day. I tried simulating the frequency response of the circuit for 3.3 V and 5 V and observed that the gain response shifted to a much lower gain value for 3.3 V supply voltage. Since…