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LT1715 window comparator query.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT1715


I have some questions about the function of window comparator of LT1715.
Please check if the attached circuit diagram is working well.
I want the out put of LT1715 to be logic high  when the input of LT1715 is between 1.0V  and 10.0V
1. VEE=0.0V, VCC=12.0V, +VS=3.3V
2. the range of Input voltage= 0.0V ~10.5V .​
3. OUTA and OUTB must be logic High when the input voltage is between 1.0V and 10.0V .
1. Is "VCC=12.0V and VEE=0.0V" valid ?
2. How much is the internal impedance of LT1715?
   Could I connect directly to the input terminal of LT1715 with the output voltage of AD5764 ( DAC ) without the resistance ?

Best Regards,
DS Jang