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Questions about AD8213

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8213


I have below two questions regarding AD8213.

(1): What is the load capacitance limit value for stable operation?

(2):  I need an LTspice model, do you have one?

As for my circuit, four capacitive loads are connected to the bipolar power supply.

The bipolar power supply is turned ON (0-35V) and turn-off (35-0V) to check if the capacitive load is normal.

I am looking for a current sensing amplifier to observe the current to the capacitive loads from the bipolar power supply.



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    Hi  ,

    Btw, if you need a spice model of AD8213, you could use AD8211 since it almost have the same specs and performance with the AD8213 except that it doesn't have a low pass filter pin. 

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