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About the relationship between AD630 input signal and output signal amplitude

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD630
Software Version: AD630

Hello everyone, I have encountered some problems in debugging AD630 recently, please answer:

1. What is the relationship between the amplitude (or effective value) between the input signal (pin 17) and the output signal (pin 13) of the AD630?
2. Is the inside of AD630 a multiplier? If so, what is the signal multiplied by the signal under test? Because I found during the experiment that changing the amplitude of the reference signal does not affect the output, after viewing the block diagram of the internal structure of the AD630, I found that the reference signal passes through a zero-crossing comparator. The reference signal seems to only affect the zero-crossing comparator, and is not directly multiplied by the signal under test.

The following figure is the schematic diagram of the test board, which is correct from the output waveform, but the relationship between output and input is currently unknown.