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LT6233-10, Bandwidth issue

hello all, 

I'm using a LT6233-10  for my project and I try to test it before.

My need is 2MHz bandwith with a Gain at 200 and  enable pin.

I'm facing an issue about the Bandwidth. the schematic is below.

I try to test it as a buffer, it work, I can have the same amplitude until the 2MHz with an input at 1Vpp

Then with this schematic, the signal is cut around 500KHz.

The input is a function generator, HiZ output. 20mVpp with an offset at 1.65V.

Vref = 1.65V

Vcc = 3.3V (I also try 5V, always single supply)

I try with 40 gain.

A also try with a non inverting mouting, same issue.

If I chose a lower gain, 4 for exemple it work.

The datasheet give this amplifier for 320MHz GBW. 

I don't understand where I'm wrong. I test it with LTspice and it work.

please, if anyone see where I'm wrong, con you helpe me please.?

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  • hi sorry for delay, I don't have any notification on your replay.

    with these search, with a high Gain, I always finish with low noise amplifier, which need a low input impedance, whereas my previous stage need a load at 10Kohms min. I don't want to use a buffer (low consumption). 

    So,  lower consumption in use mode (few mA), single powered by 3,3V, bandwith -3dB 1MHz for a 200 gain

    thank for your help