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Replacement part for the ADA4622-1?


For our board build of 75 we need to find a pin for pin alternative for the ADA4622-1 which is an 8 pin MSOP. as we cannot find this part at any of the vendors.

The application is unity gain,

needs to be able to drive 6Vpp signals at 50KHz at not much distortion.

Needs to be high impedance. Maybe JFET type input stage.

Good DC performance with drift etc.

Will need to operate at high temperature. around 75C.

  • Hi AnalogTim,

    Good day!
    I can only see 8-Lead SOIC as the available package(for 8-pins) for the ADA4622-1, can you clarify this?

    Though I can't find an exact match in terms of parameters and feature of the ADA4622-1 butI would like to ask how important is the disable pin on your application, because you can  have a look at the AD8627  if the specs meet your requirements. The slew rate of the part is the most noticeable spec downgrade compared to the ADA4622 but can you check if this is okay?

    It's available in 8-lead SOIC with similar pinouts and specified up to 85C.

    Hope this helps AnalogTim.

    Best Regards,