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ADA4092-4 over voltage protection


I am cofusing ADA4092-4 over voltage protection.

I can not understand differential input voltage limit +-Vsy in absolute maximum.

ADA4092-4 is used in inverting-amplifier circuit with +V=0V, -V=0V and  IN+=0V.

Input current limit is 5mA and input resistance 5kohm, so is IN- protected up to 25V?

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  • Hi,

    The 5mA is our target current limit through the input pin to avoid damage on the ESD diodes.
    Given that we have an internal 5k ohm resistor, then you are correct.
    The -IN pin can accept 25V.

    In addition, you have mentioned that the configuration is inverting.
    I would think that there is gain resistor and feedback resistor.
    For the current computation, you may add the value of gain resistor to 5k ohm internal resistor and that would be the current that will be flowing to our ESD diode.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and regards!