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Low pass filter ic? possibly a suggestion on what's to do better

Hey, I have a current sensor that output 4mA to 20mA. I plan on using a resistor value of 226ohm which gives me 0.9V to 4.5V. I was planning on measuring the voltage with analog input of the microcontroller but I would like to use a low pass filter before measuring the voltage.

Low pass filter is important as well as low drift. Can you please recommend me one. In addition, would you add anything to this circuitry to make it even better/ safer.  

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  • Hey, I will be measuring a DC signal; therefore, low pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 20Hz, or anywhere near to DC signal would be nice. I will be using a single supply 5V, and the input voltage would be between 0.5V to 4.8V. I will constantly be measuring the DC signal coming from the current sensor. So, a small time constant filter is needed.