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high output current opamp (AD8531)


I‘m trying to find a opamp with high output current (>100mA) used as voltage follower to drive a RLC circuit. The driving signal is around 900kHz, ±1.5V.  Currently I'm working on AD8531 and only have ±3V power supply for the opamp. And in the datasheet it's said the AD8531 shall only work with single opreation supply and the range is 6V. I don't think ±3V is good for it but I'm not so sure. (As I understand all the opamp can work under dual supply range). So I can find a OPAMP which can output 900kHz ,±1.5V(or more)  and  >100mA output current and operating at ±3V? Or is there any other simple design?

Many thanks!