Flaw in data sheet for AD845

Hello alltogether,

I was just looking at AD845 data sheet. On page 4, there are two charts:

TPC 8. Short-Circuit Current Limit vs. Temperature
TPC 9. Unity-Gain Bandwidth vs. Temperature

Both are displaying the same graph, apparently the Unity-Gain Bandwidth one.

Maybe you got a to-do-list for revisions of data sheet, where you may put it on.

Regards, Peter

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  • My case is, for sure, not a new design. Nevertheless, as our design shall be run for another four or five years before being obsolete finally, I'm interested in alternatives, if I must reckon with discontinuation in the next few years. Application is stabilising and filtering (ground) reference voltage for an ADC (AD7884, surely also not the very candidate for new designs).

    Best regards, Peter

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