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What does it mean "KELVIN RETURN" in the AD797 datasheet?

In the AD797 datasheet, in page 13 of 19, there is the bypassing considerations to take full advantage.

I found "KELVIN RETURN" on figure 36 but I haven't understand.

What does this word mean? What should I connect the pattern on PCB?

  • Hi Yuki,

    Apologies for the late response.

    For figure 36, we just wanted to show that the load current is also connected to the ground of the supplies. I think the Kelvin Return part here is just a similar representation to a star ground. The star ground builds on the theory that all voltages in a circuit are referred to a single ground point. When power supplies are added to the circuit diagram, they add unwanted ground paths, or their supply currents flowing in the existing ground paths are large enough and corrupts the signal transmission. This is where star grounds are used.

    Check out this article to know more about grounding: Staying Well Grounded.