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Can the LT6010 Shutdown pin be left open?

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, my other seems to have not been posted

Can I leave the pin open and guarantee the unit will NOT go into shutdown?

- There is no mention of leaving the pin open in the datasheet

-All the specs spec a voltage setting on the shutdown pin


-none of the example circuits show the shutdown pin

-The LTSPICE macromodel does not attach the shutdown pin

  • Hi KBarkley872:  If the SHDN pin is truly open and floating, then the LT6010 will remain "on".   

    However, note that the SHDN input is an open base, so it will not take much input leakage from a higher supply (above Vee) to turn on the SHDN transistor and turn off the opamp.  So the SHDN pin should be guarded from positive leakage sources, or should be tied to Vee to preclude accidental turn-offs.  Note also that external EMI could forward / rectify the base emitter of the SHDN transistor, turning off the opamp. (See Figure 3 in the data sheet as well as the Simplified Schematic on page 13.)

  • I should add that I got a bit concerned when I realized that with my +/- 12 V supply, 500K to ground could shut the amp down.

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