ADA4800 - CCD camera

we are using panasonic CCD MN39268 with AD9979. 

The ccd out signal is very noisy and amplitude  also very low (500mv -600mv).

ADC is a 14bit value but the ccd output pixel value is 500 to 600 only.

we referred ADA4800 and planning to add in the design. 

we need few suggestions to improve the ccd signal quality.kindly advice as how to add the ADA4800  in the design and what all 

considerations we have to take care for this design to get noise free ccd output.

sensor voltage table. 

This is the block diagram of the current design

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 19, 2020 4:19 AM 1 month ago


    Thank you for considering ADA4800 on your design.

    The ADA4800 data sheet has an example of typical circuit for CCD application.
    Please refer to Figure 21 on page 11 where the ADA4800 serves as Open Source CCD Output Buffer.

    The CCD block which is directly connected to the IN of the ADA4800 is your MN39268 and the AC coupled AFE is your AD9979.

    To help reduce the effects of power supply noise coupling into the ISF and IDRV pins, use 0.1 μF ceramic bypass decoupling capacitors. For best performance, place these capacitors as close to each of these pins as is physically possible. This is further discussed on page 12 of the data sheet.

    Thanks and regards.