AD8601 Output current drive

I am using the AD8601 at 3V power supply. Can the op amp drive 10mA output current? The data sheet specifies Iout of 30mA typical. I suppose it is alright to drive 10mA...

  • Iout on the electrical table actually refers to short circuit current. Refer to Figure 16 on the data sheet.

    At 30mA of load current (short circuit current), the output voltage to supply rail increases greatly (unfortunately, the graph was truncated before 30mA and didn't show this characteristic). So, operating the op amp with 30mA of load current or more causes the op amp to not work as an op amp anymore.

    At 10mA of load current, output voltage to supply rail is about 450mV (typical) away from the rail. This means the maximum output voltage that it can reach is about 2.55V typ. Having said that, the AD8601 can drive 10mA output current, but you'll get a lot of errors when you drive the output to the rail. So, it depends on how much error you can tolerate in your system. You can choose to not use the op amp close to the rails, but then it defeats the purpose of using a rail ro rail out amplifier.

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