need footprint for CP-10-10 LFCSP package (ADA4062-2)

I think there are a couple of things wrong with the suggested footprint for the CP-10-10 package that you can download from the first row of this table:

( The direct link to the footprint should be but for some reason directly linking to it doesn't work)

1. It is not clear what the horizontal spacing between pads 2 and 8 is

2. It is not clear what the vertical spacing between pads 1 and 4 is

3. The pattern as shown is obviously not symettric from left to right, but the parts themselves are symettric.

The horizontal and vertical dimensions shown (1.3 and 1.6) are the dimensions of the component body. Maybe the pads should be centered at the edge of the part body, but that's a big maybe. Pads 2, 3, 7, 8 definately do not appear to be centered on the body edge in the diagram.

Can anyone that has used the CP-10-10 LFCSP package suggest a land pattern to me or point me to some better documentation?

I've inquired with some ADI contacts but that is going nowhere fast.