Error on AD8465 Datasheet?


I am trying to validate a particular parametric measurement for the AD8465 comparator.  I have verified IV characteristics for the latch enable (LE) pin below at 2.5V Vcc:

Our IV curve matches the typical performance characteristics for this pin shown on page 8 of the AD8465 datasheet (Figure 4), so we believe the product is performing as specified.  However, on page 3 of the datasheet, the spec limit for the LE pin at VIL=0.4V is -0.1 to 0.1 mA.  Per the above IV curve, the typical current for the LE pin at 0.4V input is approximately -0.1mA.  Our measurements are in this vicinity (-0.11mA).  However, because the lower spec limit has been set to -0.1mA, our device technically "fails" the spec limit.  I believe the spec limit is an error on the datasheet?  Please advise.

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