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AD8047 problem

Hi ,

Im using AD9744 DAC for one of my project and AD8047 for I_V converter for that DAC. Im getting output voltage twice the Input to adc fron AD8047.

Can anyone tell me how to connect onli one OUTA to AD8047.



  • Bhavya,

    The  AD9744 converts input digital word to differential current outputs at IOUTA and IOUTB. These currents are converted to voltages across R410 & R411. This differential voltage is fed as input to differential amplifier AD8047.

    The gain of the amplifier is decided by ratio (R404/R405. R409 = R404 and R406 = R405). At present it is 500E/225E = 2.2222, which is why you are getting doubled output. In case you need 1:1 output, you will have to replace R404, R405, R406 and R409 by equal value resistors.

    The op amp output DAC2_VOUT is single ended with respect to analog ground.

    Hope this helps.



  • Why is the output  voltage  value of  AD9744 decided by R410 & R411?? Don't they just decide the currents of AD9744??

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