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Active filter using OP496

Hi All,

I designed a butter-worth 4th order filter with Fc = 3.5KHz,

I wish to use the part OP496GS.

For verification of the design I acquired the psice model of the part OP196.

I am using Multisim 10.1 for simulation of my circuit.

When I am doing the AC analysis I am getting error. (Error is "Iteration limit reached").

Whereas my design meets all the criteria when I replaced the model with ADA4857.

I am getting the same error if I am using the OP496 model from Multisim's library.

Please let me know is it the problem with Model of OP196 or it is the problem with device?

I am attaching the screen shot of my circuit for your refernce.

Expecting your comments as I am about to start the layout using this part.

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