Modern general purpose opamp suggestions



I've been studying the uA741 opamp extensively and I would like to know if there are any modern general purpose opamps in the market?

I've done some research but there are far too many to decide.


Any suggestions for purchase?(Preferably from Analog devices)

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  • nessler,

      You are swimming upstream.....  The world has been going to smaller and smaller packages for over ten years, so you won't see "modern" op amps in DIP packages.  You can get small adapter boards that convert 8 lead SOIC to 8 pin "DIP" type for breadboarding.  Also, you can get a two layer pc board within two weeks for less than $100, so a lot of people "breadboard" with surface mount components.

    If you really want DIPs, you could look at AD820, OP07, OP177, or OP27, but all of them are over 15 years old.


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