Which op-amps come as standard in WLCSP 6-BALL


I cannot appear to filter op-amps on the ADI website for package style.

Please can you recommend what single op-amps come as standard in 6 ball WLCSP?

Is this ADI's smallest package appart from die?

  • BryanG,

      WLCSP is the same size as the die.  The only three op amps we have in 6 ld are:

    AD8505, ADA4505-1 and ADA4800.  WLCSP is much better for us, and for you, because

    we can high speed test more parameters than wafer probing.  What kind of specs do you

    need?  We also have LFCSP and SCT-70 parts.


  • Hi Harry,

    We need an op-amp in the smallest package available.

    The WLCSP 6-Ball I hope will be small enough.

    The opamp will be used as a buffer between a DAC output and schottky diodes.

    Thanks for your response and support


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 2, 2018 4:44 PM
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