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about AD828 Video OPAMP


I am using AD828 Video OPAMP.

AD828 can use Bidirectional Transmission,pls refer to Fig6 of datasheet.

AD828 is excellent amp ,however it's old product.

Do you have other new OPAMPs as same as AD828?.

It would be greatly appreciated if advice could be gotten.

Best Regards,

  • Only an AD828 is the same as an AD828! When selecting an opamp you need to know:

    What gain and bandwidth do you need for your application?

    What DC errors can you tolerate?

    What supply rails do you intend to use?

    This may tell us why you think an old opamp is unsuitable.


    Hi Kou,

    I checked our Opamp portfolio and you may want to consider the ADA4861-3 and ADA4850-2 which are both video amplifiers. I still encourage you to specify your opamp requirement (ie, bandwidth, power supply, slew rate...) so we can choose the best option for your application.

    Just let us know if you have any other concern.



  • Hi Kou,

    Thank you for giving additional information about your application. I believe that in video switching, you should use an amplifier that has high input impedance, high bandwidth and high output current drive. With this specification, I recommend the following amplifier products which has an excellent video specification: ADA4850-2, ADA4891-2, ADA8062, AD8056 and AD8000.

    I hope it helps!



  • I apologize, I need to explain detail of my question.

    The AD828 is the product in which sale was started in 1993.
    If we have an alternative product when the AD828 becomes obsolete product, we would like to know.

    Thank you for making time for my question.

    Best regards,

  • Hello Emman.A,

    Thank you for your reply.

    We are useing the AD828 before ,and the application is video-switcher.

    pls refer to datasheet P.11,below.
    "Full-Duplex Transmission
      Superior load handling capability  (50 mA min/amp), high bandwidth,  wide supply voltage range, and   excellent  crosstalk rejection makes the AD828 an ideal choice for even the most demanding high speed  transmission applications.
    The schematic below shows a pair of AD828s configured to drive 100 feet of coaxial cable in a full-duplex fashion."

    Fig.6 is matched for our application.
    We have never seen like this figure on the datasheet of the other opamp.

    So,we would like to know ADI's recommendation opamp suitable to this usage.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  • Assuming you need a closed loop gain of 2 or thereabouts, you could look at the AD8002, AD8008, AD8056, AD8062, EL2260, LT1819, MAX4216 or OPA2658.

    ICs do not get discontinued in a First-In-Last-Out way, so you can't be sure that an old device like the AD828 will be discontinued before a nominally more recent part. I would suggest choosing the best part for you application but making sure that you use a popular package and pinout. This means that should a part be discontinued it will be easy to drop in a replacement. The 8 pin SOIC package and AD828 pinout are very common.

  • Hi OliverSedlacek-san,Emman.A-san

    I appreciate your reply,information and advices.

    I will evaluate some opamps as soon as possible.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,


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