input overvoltage protection of AD8510



I have a question to the input protection of the AD8510:

Does the AD8510 have differential clamp diodes between the input terminal pins In+ and In-?


I want to use the AD8510 in DAC application in a unity gain buffer configuration behind an analog multiplexer. Due to that, there can arise high input slew rates and I am interested if this could be a problem for the AD8510.




  • Hi, Steffen.

    AD8510 does not have differential clamp diodes at the input pins. It is not indicated in the datasheet's abs max rating section unlike the newer datasheets such as ADA4084 wherein a differential input voltage of +/-0.6V is present. Usually, bipolar parts like ADA4084 have back-to-back diodes at the inputs in order to avoid large differential voltages that may cause Vbe breakdown over extended periods of time while JFET parts does not have like the newer part ADA4610.

    Fast input is not a problem even though there are no clamp diodes but if you don't want it you may add a series resistor at the input pin in order to limit the input rise time.

    Hope this helps!