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ADA4627-1 and capacitive loads



I want to use the ADA4627-1 as output buffer in unity-gain configuration in a DAC application. The op amp input is connected to an analog switch. Therefore high slew rates can arise at the input of the op amp. The resistive load connected to the op amp output is 10kOhm and the capacitive load is 2nF. Furthermore the application requires a slew rate >=10 V/µs. The analog input voltage is +-10V and the maximum supply voltage is +-14V? Do you think the ADA4627-1 is a good solution for this application or would you recommend another op?


Can you provide me information how the input voltage range of the ADA4627-1 scales with the supply voltage? The data sheet contains only information for a supply voltage of +-15V. As mentioned above, the max. supply voltage in my application is +-14V and I want to be sure that the analog input range of +-10V is within the input voltage range of the op amp.




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