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quad opamp, isolation amplifier

1.can any one tell me which is the better one. LM124 or OP467?or any other quad opamp?

2. can any body suggest a replacement for ISO120 isolation amplifier?

  • Hi renj,

    The choice of the best amplifier to use will depend on the requirements of your application. Could you elaborate on this? What do you need in terms of precision? Do you need a high speed amplifier? Also, what do you require in terms of bandwidth? If you provide this kind of information or what kind of application you will be going into, we could definitely find the best amplifier for you.

    I will also look into what isolation amplifier would be best.



  • i am currently using LM747 in my design. so i want an opamp which is

    1. comparable or better in performance to 747

    2. quad

    3. mil grade

    what do u think of LM124 and op467. how do u compare them?

    if mil grade isolation amplifier is not available, what are the other options?

  • Hi renj,

    We have a couple of military-grade quad amplifiers in our portfolio. Apart from the OP467, I would recommend that you take a look at the AD704. It has higher precision (low offset, very low bias current) and I believe it also has enough bandwidth and slew rate if I'm going to compare to the amplifier you were previously using. The OP467 does not have as low an offset and bias current as the AD704, but it does have a much higher bandwidth at 21MHz and slew rate of 125V/us. Your choice will ultimately depend on the requirement of your application.

    I believe we have a military grade isolation amplifier, the AD203. However, I am not an expert on this product so I cannot comment on how it compares. For this part, I recommend that you contact your local ADI technical support for more information:

    I hope this helps!



  • hey i got another of ur opamp OPA482ARC...but i cant find the datasheet. i got the datasheet of OP482 industrial grade

  • What are your supply rails? The LM747 will tolerate 22V supplies, which is more than most opamps will take.

    The AD8513, AD8674 and OP470 may be worth a look as they all have better performance. I don't know about Mil spec though.

  • Hi renj,

    Unfortunately, the OP482 is not available in MIL grade. Did you get a chance to check whether the AD704 would be suitable for you?



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